Terms of Use


Bthub is a torrent search engine based on the DHT protocol. All resources are derived from crawlers that are continuously captured from the DHT network. All data is automatically generated by the program. Bthub does not store any resources and seed files, only index seed meta information and provide search services.


The results of any search through Bthub come from the Internet and are produced and shared by third parties. Bthub strictly blocks illegal results. In view of the rapid change of Internet information, Bthub does not guarantee the legality of all results and does not assume any legal responsibility. Please screen yourself. Welcome to report violent, bloody, harmful,Child Sexual,and infringing links.


Bthub search results are automatically generated based on the keywords you type. It does not mean that Bthub is in favor of search results.


In view of the fact that Bthub automatically generates results based on the keywords you type, Bthub may not be responsible for any infringements and losses caused by using Bthub and its losses (including infection of computer viruses due to downloads), nor shall it be responsible legal liability. Please take precautions.


When you use Bthub, the server will automatically record some information, such as your usage of Bthub, IP address, URL visited, browser type, search keywords, etc. Bthub respects your personal privacy, and the information is only used to optimize and improve the user experience and analyze the data,Your personal privacy will not be provided to anyone else.


If you use or continue to use Bthub, you agree to the above terms of Bthub.